Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Your Telepathic Abilities Can Be Developed

Telepathy was used to read and transmit thoughts without speaking, well before the ideas of the spiritualist movement of the 1800s got its start. Psychics who use telepathy claim that this is a faculty which all human beings have which must be worked on and devloped to bring the necessary results.

Edgar Cayce the well known physcic personality, who could predict world happenings many years before they were to come about, insisted his abilities were just a much more developed version of abilities which everyone has.

Telepathic communication has been known to take place throughout recorded history. We quite often hear of people who are in bad situations making use of their latent telepathic ability to facilitate communication with other individuals by using the collective consciousness of the whole human race.

Our Telepathy Enhancement program enables a mental condition where any and all distractions are blocked out, and the mind is moved into the Alpha brain wave state. An Alpha mental state results in higher thinking abilities and development of a spiritual epiphany. These Alpha brain wave states permit you to develop your inherent psychic talents with the distraction of all external influences being removed. This is the perfect environment to train your mind into a telepathic state.

During MK Ultra training experiments, subjects were converted into the Alpha brain wave state by means of 'sensory deprivation' techniques and told to attempt to transmit their thoughts to another individual, also sensory deprived, who would then record all of the incoming telepathic transmissions which were experienced. These experiments were successful, and soon afterward some of the participating individuals were able to train their telepathic function so that they could read other peoples minds without using sensory deprivation techniques.

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