Sunday, August 21, 2011

Your Spirit Guide

Your spirit guide is from the spiritual world but it is just as much a part of yourself, and brings the two realities into close communication. You may have had a dream during which your spirit guide aided you, or presented you with something that was of great importance to you personally. What exactly did you perceive your spirit guide to be? Was it in the form of a human person? What help did it extend to you? You will find that it can be easier to connect with your personal guide if you will completely clear your mind of all anxiety or negative thoughts.

After you have determined what your spirit guide actually is, you may start contacting it. Always remember that your spirit guide is with you all the time and is guiding you in some way or another. You are trying to establish direct contact with it so that you can begin with direct communication rather than just having the occasional fleeting glimpse of it only on special occasions.

The thing you need to do is to get into in a relaxed state of mind and to have your mind wide open to facilitate direct communication from your spirit guide. You know that your spirit guide is always there for your benefit, and will therefore always take you in the direction of wisdom that will enable you to perceive what you must do. The decision which has to be made is always made only by you, with the help of wise suggestions from your spiritual guide.

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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Art of Self-Hypnosis

Self-Hypnosis is the known as the art of taking the hand of the conscious thoughts and reaching into your unconscious to make adjustments. Everyone's unconscious is brilliant, free, and has a potent influence on our aware minds. It's also, nonetheless, often illogical and undisciplined. Often, we experience that our steps are irrational and inspired by unfamiliar forces. Usually, the answer right here is the subconscious thoughts. 'Why do I usually lose my keys?' 'Why can't I bear in mind what happened that one particular day?' 'Is there a purpose I keep on getting these desires?' The unconscious is a mysterious place filled with forces we do not understand while awake. Whilst in a hypnotized state, people have been able to recall events they might have sworn were lost permanently. Some even have been in a position to regress to previous lives.

There are many distinct forms and kinds of hypnosis, but self-hypnosis may be the most powerful, given that it puts you in control. If an important picture appears in your brain while regressing, you'll find it simple to adhere to that image and without requiring a manual to take you. Self-hypnosis has been shown to become typically effective in assisting individuals about quitting cigarette smoking, or other addictive behaviour to stop for good. Hypnosis is so powerful in reality, that it can be utilized to allow the entire body heal significantly more quickly than it usually would. It's been used in bodily rehabilitation to help individuals regain control of injured limbs, and also to help them encourage themselves to continue to stay with the entire rehabilitation program. In sports, it's been used to allow athletes to feel the determination to train and focus their brains. Even the military has used hypnosis in a number of applications throughout the previous sixty years. With Binaural Beats, you are able to augment your self-hypnosis efficiently and get your brain on course so you can get towards the base of the issue quick.

Have you actually been hypnotized? Did you discover it challenging to get the hypnosis seriously? Did you discover your self slipping in and out of the trance? Our plan helps keep certain your hypnosis will stick until you might be prepared to arrive again. Using our brainwave entrainment treatment, you will find it easy to reprogram yourself without having slipping in and out of the trance. Additionally, it assists to make self-hypnosis much more effective to ensure your remedy is very effective.

It Functions in the following ways:

Binaural Beats- Sine wave generators were employed to produce two separate frequency waves which were introduced to every ear independently. The brain reacted by creating a third tone which was the difference among the 2. The brain immediately reacts to those frequencies creating a Change in Consciousness. Making use of this technological innovation, it really is possible to change the brain's frequencies and bring them right down to the right Hypnotic State.

Isochronic Tones- If you are searching for the best type of brainwave entrainment, Isochronic tones would be the approach to go. Isochronic Tones also use equivalent intensity tones, nevertheless, the pulse speed is greater, causing the brain to synchronize with the rhythm. In 1999, Thomas Budzynski Ph.D. revealed a situation in the Journal of Neurotherapy which revealed that a group of 8 university students increased their GPA with the utilization of audio brainwave stimulation, and their GPA ongoing to boost even after the brainwave entrainment was completed.

Our Hypnosis Recordings let you begin inside an enjoyable state among Beta and Alpha, then provides you right down to Delta and Theta. You may really feel the progressive frequency stages throughout your session, and will develop deeper and deeper to the mind programming state when you listen. You will be calmed by nature sounds, calming songs, and charming bells since the frequencies within the track record carry your brain with the Self Hypnosis Stages. We assure you will feel outcomes in your very first attempt.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Manifestation Makes Your Dream A Reality

A really good proof of the law of manifest thinking is "If X equals Y, then all that is the truth about X will naturally be the truth about Y." To put it differently, if you have a really successful life, you undoubtedly think of yourself as a success in life. If however you are somewhat or entirely unsuccessful, you will no doubt think of yourself as not being successful in life.

What do you think happens if you continually think of yourself as being unsuccessful in your life, and cannot end this kind of thinking? It is quite easily seen that this will result in many problems in your life. People who always place the blame on themselves for just about everything that goes wrong for them, or who do not picture their lives as being successful have what is known as a negative self image. Some motivational teachers say that it is really only a matter of "Think positive," and this is to some extent correct, but it is very necessary also to be sure that the positive message is being delivered to the proper area your brain.

Psychologists in their studies have concluded that certain people appear to "jinx" themselves for all of their living days, and as a result of this jinx never quite escape from a life-long rut of negativity. To counter this we have created a program of brainwave entrainment that helps you to tune into success according to this theory.

You start off the process in an enhanced relaxed state, resulting in your conscious mind being able to let go of your thoughts. From this very relaxed state you are lowered to a Theta brain wave state then quickly raised up again to an extremely high Alpha wave State. When you are in this induced state critical thoughts, epiphanies and complex calculations will completely occupy your mind. You will find now in this state that your words hold much more power than before. You must be really sure to say the right words to get results naturally. We demonstrate how you can use the combination of positive thinking processes and our program to get amazing results..

Negative thoughts filling your mind with doubts can always be dangers which you may experience if you use only positive thinking by itself. Our program of brainwave entrainment effectively removes all of these mental blocks from your mind and allows you to bypass them completely and to live a life of fulfillment and success.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Increase Your ESP and Physchic Powers

Before thorough studies had been performed, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) was thought to be magical. Now although still a mystery it is recognized as another sense which goes beyond the normal five senses that we know.

With ESP we can see and comprehend things which we cannot otherwise see. Extra sensory perception occurs in various different forms. Some people ca have clear visions of future or past happenings, while some others call it more of a gut feeling or instinct. However ESP has been studied for more than a century. At present it is used by some governments. Police have used psychics to help find missing people and to solve some crimes. The United States of America has trained some of its intelligence operatives to use "remote viewing" visualise distant objects and to foretell future events.

We cannot easily understand these most unusual powers of the human mind but we can use them to improve our lives and to improve the lives of people around us. Several programs are offered on the internet which claim to heighten psychic powers and claim to offer exercises that will enhance psychic abilities.

Our brain wave entrainment recordings produce a natural frequency that enhances ESP powers. You may well imagine what it feels like to get accurate gut feelings about events which have not yet happened. How would this amazing advantage change lives? Many of us simply can't afford the high cost of an institutional program to improve our minds psychic powers. However you can start tuning your brains physchic powers naturally with our brain wave entrainment today!

As you put it into practice your psychic powers will continue to improve and to yield accurate results. You might very well specialize in just one type of power, possibly remote viewing of far away things, but in the course of time you can very easily develop any number of physcic abilities as you continue to increase your knowledge of the subject.

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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remote Viewing Enables You To See Distant Locations And Events

Remote viewing has been used by intelligence specialists of a number of countries, including the USA for years. Important intelligence information was discovered by remote viewers employed by governments during the past six decades. As has been stated in declassified government materials, it was fully shown that during the decade of the 1970's remote viewers were working to investigate and to look inside Russian nuclear research laboratories, to identify a completely new class of Russian navy submarine, and even to locate a wrecked Russian airplane which had previously crashed in the African desert.

By using your mind's psychic faculties, you can learn how to project your thoughts and also can learn to see objects which are well beyond your natural range of vision. By making use of this natural talent you can immensely improve your awareness to see events at locations which you could not possibly observe prior to this. In a matter of time and with some practice, you might well find that being a psychic remote viewer could be a career choice for you. Psychic detectives are often seen as the heroes of our times since they can help police to solve crimes and mysteries, and can thus bring the families of some victims some guidance and closure.

It is has been shown by research that the Mid to Low Delta brain wave Frequencies are in use when remote viewers are making use of their abilitity to view distant situations. This recording is designed to put your mind quickly and easily into a state of low delta brain wave frequency while keeping you at the same time quite wide awake and aware. Using this method you can unlock your subconscious and psychic powers while remaining completely conscious. For full information about this amazing ability which anyone can develop take a look at our Remote viewing

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Your Telepathic Abilities Can Be Developed

Telepathy was used to read and transmit thoughts without speaking, well before the ideas of the spiritualist movement of the 1800s got its start. Psychics who use telepathy claim that this is a faculty which all human beings have which must be worked on and devloped to bring the necessary results.

Edgar Cayce the well known physcic personality, who could predict world happenings many years before they were to come about, insisted his abilities were just a much more developed version of abilities which everyone has.

Telepathic communication has been known to take place throughout recorded history. We quite often hear of people who are in bad situations making use of their latent telepathic ability to facilitate communication with other individuals by using the collective consciousness of the whole human race.

Our Telepathy Enhancement program enables a mental condition where any and all distractions are blocked out, and the mind is moved into the Alpha brain wave state. An Alpha mental state results in higher thinking abilities and development of a spiritual epiphany. These Alpha brain wave states permit you to develop your inherent psychic talents with the distraction of all external influences being removed. This is the perfect environment to train your mind into a telepathic state.

During MK Ultra training experiments, subjects were converted into the Alpha brain wave state by means of 'sensory deprivation' techniques and told to attempt to transmit their thoughts to another individual, also sensory deprived, who would then record all of the incoming telepathic transmissions which were experienced. These experiments were successful, and soon afterward some of the participating individuals were able to train their telepathic function so that they could read other peoples minds without using sensory deprivation techniques.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Relaxation With Brain Wave Entrainment Soothes Away Your Problems

Stress reduction is definitely not simple to achieve. It can be very difficult or almost impossible to get away from the situations which cause stress. Temporary escapes such as watching television or reading a book will only help for a limited period of time and have no effect over the longer term. We desperately need a peaceful environment where tension will dissolves, our troubles are soothed and our mental and physical resources are replenished.

The common difficulty which most of us face is that our minds simply refuse to relax. Our thoughts race on and we embellish mentally all of the problems we can in our lives and careers. Our minds completely focuss on how to solve our problems.

Our brain entrainment program however comes to our aid with help for our psychological stress. Tension is melted away and we enjoy complete relaxation. We are able to gain some vital perspective on our troubles which we tend to mentally exaggerate disproportionately. In this very relaxed mental and physical state we can percieve more clearly and truly understand what the situation really is rather than enlarging it out of all

Tranquillisers and drugs can never be the answer to your problems. You will simply become dependent on them and your life eventually centers on them and the temporary relief they bring although health can spiral downward under the effects of these drugs.

Brainwave entrainment recordings are a simpler and eminently better treatment which simply melts away stress quickly and easily.
We have made a series of stress relief recordings, with this amazing technology, which focus on these soothing frequencies providing complete relaxation from head to toe in only a few minutes time. These recordings mentally and physically guide you into an amazing state of inner peace and harmony which is brought on by an exact variance of Alpha,Theta and Delta frequency brainwaves.
At any time you feel stressed you can sit down, relax and listen to these recordings. Your brain waves will immediately be adjusted to a wonderful state of pure relaxation every time.

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