Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Remote Viewing Enables You To See Distant Locations And Events

Remote viewing has been used by intelligence specialists of a number of countries, including the USA for years. Important intelligence information was discovered by remote viewers employed by governments during the past six decades. As has been stated in declassified government materials, it was fully shown that during the decade of the 1970's remote viewers were working to investigate and to look inside Russian nuclear research laboratories, to identify a completely new class of Russian navy submarine, and even to locate a wrecked Russian airplane which had previously crashed in the African desert.

By using your mind's psychic faculties, you can learn how to project your thoughts and also can learn to see objects which are well beyond your natural range of vision. By making use of this natural talent you can immensely improve your awareness to see events at locations which you could not possibly observe prior to this. In a matter of time and with some practice, you might well find that being a psychic remote viewer could be a career choice for you. Psychic detectives are often seen as the heroes of our times since they can help police to solve crimes and mysteries, and can thus bring the families of some victims some guidance and closure.

It is has been shown by research that the Mid to Low Delta brain wave Frequencies are in use when remote viewers are making use of their abilitity to view distant situations. This recording is designed to put your mind quickly and easily into a state of low delta brain wave frequency while keeping you at the same time quite wide awake and aware. Using this method you can unlock your subconscious and psychic powers while remaining completely conscious. For full information about this amazing ability which anyone can develop take a look at our Remote viewing

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