Thursday, June 16, 2011

Manifestation Makes Your Dream A Reality

A really good proof of the law of manifest thinking is "If X equals Y, then all that is the truth about X will naturally be the truth about Y." To put it differently, if you have a really successful life, you undoubtedly think of yourself as a success in life. If however you are somewhat or entirely unsuccessful, you will no doubt think of yourself as not being successful in life.

What do you think happens if you continually think of yourself as being unsuccessful in your life, and cannot end this kind of thinking? It is quite easily seen that this will result in many problems in your life. People who always place the blame on themselves for just about everything that goes wrong for them, or who do not picture their lives as being successful have what is known as a negative self image. Some motivational teachers say that it is really only a matter of "Think positive," and this is to some extent correct, but it is very necessary also to be sure that the positive message is being delivered to the proper area your brain.

Psychologists in their studies have concluded that certain people appear to "jinx" themselves for all of their living days, and as a result of this jinx never quite escape from a life-long rut of negativity. To counter this we have created a program of brainwave entrainment that helps you to tune into success according to this theory.

You start off the process in an enhanced relaxed state, resulting in your conscious mind being able to let go of your thoughts. From this very relaxed state you are lowered to a Theta brain wave state then quickly raised up again to an extremely high Alpha wave State. When you are in this induced state critical thoughts, epiphanies and complex calculations will completely occupy your mind. You will find now in this state that your words hold much more power than before. You must be really sure to say the right words to get results naturally. We demonstrate how you can use the combination of positive thinking processes and our program to get amazing results..

Negative thoughts filling your mind with doubts can always be dangers which you may experience if you use only positive thinking by itself. Our program of brainwave entrainment effectively removes all of these mental blocks from your mind and allows you to bypass them completely and to live a life of fulfillment and success.

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