Sunday, August 21, 2011

Your Spirit Guide

Your spirit guide is from the spiritual world but it is just as much a part of yourself, and brings the two realities into close communication. You may have had a dream during which your spirit guide aided you, or presented you with something that was of great importance to you personally. What exactly did you perceive your spirit guide to be? Was it in the form of a human person? What help did it extend to you? You will find that it can be easier to connect with your personal guide if you will completely clear your mind of all anxiety or negative thoughts.

After you have determined what your spirit guide actually is, you may start contacting it. Always remember that your spirit guide is with you all the time and is guiding you in some way or another. You are trying to establish direct contact with it so that you can begin with direct communication rather than just having the occasional fleeting glimpse of it only on special occasions.

The thing you need to do is to get into in a relaxed state of mind and to have your mind wide open to facilitate direct communication from your spirit guide. You know that your spirit guide is always there for your benefit, and will therefore always take you in the direction of wisdom that will enable you to perceive what you must do. The decision which has to be made is always made only by you, with the help of wise suggestions from your spiritual guide.

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