Monday, May 30, 2011

Meditation Will Enhance Your Life, Your health And Your Well Being

When we meditate, we are teaching our mind and our body to enter into a state of "ecstasy" which is sometimes called "gnosis". In this mind state,all knowledge can enter our conscious mind from the unconscious mind while we are experiencing deep thought. To demonstrate to you how our program will help you to meditate for greatest effect, we will here discuss the step by step process of a meditating session.

Meditation brings about the move from a Beta normal state of mind to an Alpha mental state where the mind becomes extremely powerful in calculations, in some language functions, and in higher understanding. This is the point where problems can start for many new to the art of meditation. The Alpha state is not simple to naturally get to when coming out of nowhere, unless that is to say you know how you can do this consciously. The feat of coming up to an Alpha state can take quite long study to perfect unless you have a known starting point of origin. That point is what is offered by Binaural Beats which ensures that you will in fact go in the proper direction while you are meditating, rather than falling off to sleep.

When you have perfected reaching the state of Alpha Meditation, you can go on further and higher to attain Theta meditation. It can, for some people take years to achieve the Theta meditation level, but with the help of brainwave entrainment, you can expect to achieve this much more quickly and easily. Theta meditation and entrainment lowers your brainwave patterning still more, which acts to promote a sense of balance, peace and calmness. Those who can master the art of Theta meditation will have better health, and will have an understanding of the universal peace which is right within all of us.

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Self Hypnosis--Take Control Of Your Mind For Self Improvement

Self Hypnosis is used to make positive changes in yourself for the better by using your conscious mind to cause your subconscious to make these changes. Every person has a subconscious mind which is free and brilliant, and which has in fact a really powerful ability to influence and make changes to the conscious mind. The subconscious can be quite illogical and totally undisciplined. When our actions are irrational the cause often is the subconscious mind. 'Why am I always losing my hat?' 'Why don't I recall what happened that day last week?' 'Why do I have these same dreams over and over?' The subconscious mind is quite mysterious and is actually a source of forces we really can't understand when awake. When hypnotized some people have been able to remember things in their lives that they thought were lost forever. Some people can even go back in time to past lives.

There are various kinds of hypnosis, but of them all self-hypnosis is certainly the most powerful force since it puts you in control. If some important memory or a thought comes to mind while you are regressing, you will see that it is quite easy to keep that image in view and follow to wherever it leads you fairly quickly without requiring a guide to get you there.

Self hypnosis is very effective in enabling people to stop smoking, or to put an end to other addictive habits. Hypnosis is a powerful tool which can make the body heal from trauma a great deal faster than it normally would be able to. Self hypnosis has been an aid in the physical rehabilitation of some patients to enable them to regain control of damaged limbs, and to motivate them to stay with these programs. In sports, it has often been used to make athletes feel motivated to train and to focus on winning. Even the military has made use of hypnosis for some of its programs in recent years. Binaural Beats can augment your self-hypnosis very considerably and keep you on the right track so that your mind can get to the root of your problem more readily.

You may have found it difficult to take hypnosis seriously if you have been hypnotised in the past. It could be that you found you were slipping in and out of the trance. The Unexplainable Store hypnosis program can help to ensure that you remain in the hypnotic trance until you are really ready to come out of hypnosis. Brainwave entrainment makes it is easy to reprogram yourself while under self hypnosis without slipping in and out of the hypnotic trance. It also makes self-hypnosis more powerful and effective to make sure that the therapy has maximum effect.

Self Hypnosis has never before been this easy till now!

How Does This Program Work?
Binaural Beats, which are really sine wave generators, create two different waves of separate frequency which are introduced to your two ears separately. Your brains reaction to this effect is to create a third tone based on the difference between the frequencies of the two tones you are listening to. Your brain has a quick reaction to these wave frequencies which results in a Shift In Consciousness. This technology, alters the brain's frequencies and brings them down to a near perfect Hypnotic State.

Isochronic Tones have been found to be the best kind of brainwave entrainment. Isochronic tones are what you must have to get results. Isochronic Tones use tones of equal intensity, but the pulse speed is increased which results in the brain synchronizing with the rhythm.

In 1999, Thomas Budzynski Ph.D. presented a study in the Journal of Neurotherapy which showed that 8 college students in a group increased their GPA while using audio brainwave stimulation, and interestingly, their GPA continued to increase long after the brainwave entrainment had ended.

Our Hypnosis Recordings start you off with a pleasant state in between Alpha and Beta, then they bring you down the frequency range to Delta and Theta. These progressive frequency stages will be felt while you are in your session, and you will progress deeper and deeper into a hypnotic mind programming state while listening. Soothing sounds of nature with relaxing music, and beautiful bells will help while the frequencies in the background bring your brain progressively through the various stages of Self Hypnosis. We guarantee that you will feel the good results of this the first time you try to do this! Take a look here and you will see the full program: Self hypnosis
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Monday, May 23, 2011

Lucid Dreaming--Control Your Dreams Enhance Your Life

During lucid dreaming you control your dreams to create the world around you and live in a virtual fantasy paradise. Your brain creates realities which are certainly wonderful and very mysterious. You actually spend a good part of your life sleeping. Imagine how you could spend this sleep period in a virtual world of paradise.

You can actually travel anywhere you desire to go and do what you would most like to do. Only limits of your imaginative powers decide what you will actually do. You can have satisfaction and complete happiness. You can pay a visit to another planet, or travel in time to some ancient civilisation, or in fact to whatever fantasy paradise you most want. How much time is spent sleeping? How would you like to use that time for holidaying in far off places?

You will have absolute control over what happens on your virtual vacations. You can be in a dream world of adventure and excitement with no dangers of the real world. Your mind can actually visualize things considerably more clearly while in the dream state than in any other situation. You need not watch other peoples adventures on television if you would rather be living your own personal adventurous life. Dreaming is vitally important to your mental health and sanity, but very few people know how to harness dreams to work for them and bring them a life of bliss.

You already can control your dreams to a certain limited extent. But these dreams can easily slip out of your conscious control and into nightmare situations in your mind. There is no need to ever have another nightmare in your life!

Take full control of what you dreams are about and enjoy every one of them. All of us can recall dreams that left us with a wonderful feeling on awakening. Consider what having such a dream nightly could do for you. Your life would be tremendously improved if you could experience these dreams regularly. Lucid dreaming can be enormous fun but it is also a basic improvement in your life! You can find out how to regularly have wonderful lucid dreams here: Lucid dreams

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Unexplainable Store Review

The Unexplainable Store is quite amazing and definitely lives up to the name. It truly is difficult to provide a simple explanation of the great variety of products which this website offers. Trying to summarise the store contents, they have materials for mind control, addiction relief,telepathy, weight loss, self help, physchic products of many kinds, and an amazing variety of other subjects. They have both video and audio material and their manual describes how to make use of their products. Here is a partial listing of some of what is offered and described in the manual:

Addiction Help
Anxiety Aid
Astral Projection
Aura Viewing
Chakra Tuning
Christ Consciousness
Confidence Builder
DNA Stimulation
Endorphin Release
Energy Lift
ESP/Psychic Ability
Lucid Dreaming
Memory Enhancer
Past Life Regression
Remote Viewing
Shamanic Consciousness
Spirit Guide Contact
Stress Release
Weight Loss
Ultimate Mind Package

As can be seen the variety of products available is quite astounding. If you ever wanted to obtain anything in the self help, New Age or mind control categories it is here in abundance. The quality of these materials is really outstanding as demonstrated in all of the testimonials on the site from many people who have acquired some of this amazing material. Take a very close look at this great selection of truly amazing products which they offer here:Unexplainable Products

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