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Self Hypnosis--Take Control Of Your Mind For Self Improvement

Self Hypnosis is used to make positive changes in yourself for the better by using your conscious mind to cause your subconscious to make these changes. Every person has a subconscious mind which is free and brilliant, and which has in fact a really powerful ability to influence and make changes to the conscious mind. The subconscious can be quite illogical and totally undisciplined. When our actions are irrational the cause often is the subconscious mind. 'Why am I always losing my hat?' 'Why don't I recall what happened that day last week?' 'Why do I have these same dreams over and over?' The subconscious mind is quite mysterious and is actually a source of forces we really can't understand when awake. When hypnotized some people have been able to remember things in their lives that they thought were lost forever. Some people can even go back in time to past lives.

There are various kinds of hypnosis, but of them all self-hypnosis is certainly the most powerful force since it puts you in control. If some important memory or a thought comes to mind while you are regressing, you will see that it is quite easy to keep that image in view and follow to wherever it leads you fairly quickly without requiring a guide to get you there.

Self hypnosis is very effective in enabling people to stop smoking, or to put an end to other addictive habits. Hypnosis is a powerful tool which can make the body heal from trauma a great deal faster than it normally would be able to. Self hypnosis has been an aid in the physical rehabilitation of some patients to enable them to regain control of damaged limbs, and to motivate them to stay with these programs. In sports, it has often been used to make athletes feel motivated to train and to focus on winning. Even the military has made use of hypnosis for some of its programs in recent years. Binaural Beats can augment your self-hypnosis very considerably and keep you on the right track so that your mind can get to the root of your problem more readily.

You may have found it difficult to take hypnosis seriously if you have been hypnotised in the past. It could be that you found you were slipping in and out of the trance. The Unexplainable Store hypnosis program can help to ensure that you remain in the hypnotic trance until you are really ready to come out of hypnosis. Brainwave entrainment makes it is easy to reprogram yourself while under self hypnosis without slipping in and out of the hypnotic trance. It also makes self-hypnosis more powerful and effective to make sure that the therapy has maximum effect.

Self Hypnosis has never before been this easy till now!

How Does This Program Work?
Binaural Beats, which are really sine wave generators, create two different waves of separate frequency which are introduced to your two ears separately. Your brains reaction to this effect is to create a third tone based on the difference between the frequencies of the two tones you are listening to. Your brain has a quick reaction to these wave frequencies which results in a Shift In Consciousness. This technology, alters the brain's frequencies and brings them down to a near perfect Hypnotic State.

Isochronic Tones have been found to be the best kind of brainwave entrainment. Isochronic tones are what you must have to get results. Isochronic Tones use tones of equal intensity, but the pulse speed is increased which results in the brain synchronizing with the rhythm.

In 1999, Thomas Budzynski Ph.D. presented a study in the Journal of Neurotherapy which showed that 8 college students in a group increased their GPA while using audio brainwave stimulation, and interestingly, their GPA continued to increase long after the brainwave entrainment had ended.

Our Hypnosis Recordings start you off with a pleasant state in between Alpha and Beta, then they bring you down the frequency range to Delta and Theta. These progressive frequency stages will be felt while you are in your session, and you will progress deeper and deeper into a hypnotic mind programming state while listening. Soothing sounds of nature with relaxing music, and beautiful bells will help while the frequencies in the background bring your brain progressively through the various stages of Self Hypnosis. We guarantee that you will feel the good results of this the first time you try to do this! Take a look here and you will see the full program: Self hypnosis
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