Monday, May 23, 2011

Lucid Dreaming--Control Your Dreams Enhance Your Life

During lucid dreaming you control your dreams to create the world around you and live in a virtual fantasy paradise. Your brain creates realities which are certainly wonderful and very mysterious. You actually spend a good part of your life sleeping. Imagine how you could spend this sleep period in a virtual world of paradise.

You can actually travel anywhere you desire to go and do what you would most like to do. Only limits of your imaginative powers decide what you will actually do. You can have satisfaction and complete happiness. You can pay a visit to another planet, or travel in time to some ancient civilisation, or in fact to whatever fantasy paradise you most want. How much time is spent sleeping? How would you like to use that time for holidaying in far off places?

You will have absolute control over what happens on your virtual vacations. You can be in a dream world of adventure and excitement with no dangers of the real world. Your mind can actually visualize things considerably more clearly while in the dream state than in any other situation. You need not watch other peoples adventures on television if you would rather be living your own personal adventurous life. Dreaming is vitally important to your mental health and sanity, but very few people know how to harness dreams to work for them and bring them a life of bliss.

You already can control your dreams to a certain limited extent. But these dreams can easily slip out of your conscious control and into nightmare situations in your mind. There is no need to ever have another nightmare in your life!

Take full control of what you dreams are about and enjoy every one of them. All of us can recall dreams that left us with a wonderful feeling on awakening. Consider what having such a dream nightly could do for you. Your life would be tremendously improved if you could experience these dreams regularly. Lucid dreaming can be enormous fun but it is also a basic improvement in your life! You can find out how to regularly have wonderful lucid dreams here: Lucid dreams

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